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1.50 TCW, Loucriz Earrings - LC175

1.50 TCW, Loucriz Earrings - LC175

Loucri Jewelers sandbox

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925 Silver Loucriz Stud Earrings

TOTAL CARAT WEIGHT: 1.50, 3/4 Carat Each Stud

Natural Loucriz Gemstone, Round Cut

Push Back 925 Silver Setting

Screwback Settings Available Upon Request. All Settings Available in 14k, 18k Gold & Platinum - PLEASE CONTACT US

Facts about our Loucriz Gemstones:

- Scratch Resistant Gemstones

- Doesn't Fog or Alter Over Time Like Cubic Zirconia, Strong Enough To Pressure Steam Clean Like Diamonds!

- Great Use For Traveling. Replicate Any Engagement Ring, Wedding Band or Sentimental Jewelry & Wear It With No Worries! As Beautiful And Clean As Diamonds.

- Our Loucriz Gemstones Comes In All Sizes & Cuts ( Cushion, Princess, Round, Marquise, Emerald & Oval. More to Come)



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